Poetry Contest

Results from the Poetry Contest

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2015 Poetry Contest.

A big thanks to everyone who submitted poems. We received a lot of amazing poems.

The poet with the most number of votes is Taylor W. with her poem “Judging”.

by Taylor W.

Cold dark place
just because you won the race
and make fun of her pace
but I argue her case
because guess what, it’s
still not your place.

The runner up poet is Will. J. Fultz with the poem “Dragon Warrior”.

Dragon Warrior
By Will. J. Fultz

Little children, gather round
Hear a story sound and profound
Of a great warrior with a great beast
Both striving for a better world full of peace
For in the past lies a world full of deceit.
A world of darkness, sadness, and fear
A world where you hold loved ones near
Out of the ashes our warrior came
To heal the sick, to heal the lame
The beast of his, quite a sight
He took Arveda in to heal her might
Pearly white, Hot as the sun
Though night rose, she was not done.
Arveda’s wings were as large as a tavern
Her body was as large as a cavern.
Together they trained
Together they fought
Though it rained
They did what they ought
They flew the land in search of truth
They found a man who could show them proof.
He taught them the differences of courage and slaughter
He taught them to be as fast as an otter.
Then the dark ones took him away
They tried to go after, but lost their way
They luckily found a community of elves
Who, if you asked the, were surprised themselves.
They lived there in a mansion of peace
Protecting the world from all deceit.
Now children if you ever wonder is there a light
Just look inside and make the world shine bright.


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