What Little Remains

“What can be better than a love story+an action story set in a post-apocalyptic world? Nothing.”–What Little Remains fangirl

What Little Remains is the first book in The Fallout Trilogy. 

What Little Remains Cover

What Little Remains cover photo by Gabriella Wise. Cover design by JC Williams.

Summary: After storms ravage the world, killing all but a few survivors, an injury forces eighteen-year-old Charlie to leave her decimated town of Appleheart, Virginia with Ricky McQueen by her side to protect her. Together they head to an old military base where survivors have gathered to rebuild their lives. Charlie’s love for Ricky grows as he fiercely desires to protect her and their community from dangerous men who murder survivors. When Charlie meets Nicole, a fellow survivor with a mysterious past, Charlie begins to come out of the nightmarish fog that she has been living in since her family was killed. Her eyes are opened, and she finds that her life and her love are not all that they seemed. Follow Charlie as she discovers who she is, what Ricky is hiding from her, and whether she can escape when her nightmares turn into reality.


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What are people saying about What Little Remains?

“Gabriella Wise’s work is entrancing. With a writing style reminiscent of Suzanne Collins in its simplicity, she weaves an adventure that will capture your imagination and creates characters to love and remember.” –Kimmy L. Davis, author of Sacrificial Fortunes Paranormal Romance Series

“…What can be better than a love story+an action story set in a post apocalyptic world? Nothing. ….I couldn’t stop reading and at some points found myself was holding my breath waiting to see what was going to happen next. … If you liked divergent or the hunger games this is the next trilogy for you.” –Amazon reviewer

This book is an excellent read! Dynamic, well rounded characters plus a thought provoking plot that will keep the reader interested from page one to the very end. …. I recommend for anybody and everybody.. –Amazon reviewer

Read the first five chapters of What Little Remains for free here.

Currently my book is exclusively on Amazon as an ebook. I am moving toward having print copies soon, so if you are interested in having a print copy instead, please fill in your contact information below and I can email you when I get copies!



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