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As told by a current college student

It’s that time of year again. That dreaded time when all of the deadlines for papers are quickly approaching. And there is a time honored tradition in writing these papers.



When the assignment is assigned, the due date seems as far away as Frodo’s journey from The Shire to Mount Doom. So maybe you do a little here and a little there to make yourself feel better about binge watching your favorite show. But ultimately you know you have plenty of time.



As the deadline starts creeping closer you refuse to admit that you need to make time to do the assignment.



You wonder what you ever did to deserve having to write this paper. You are going to college. Going to class. Why you? Why now?


But wait.. I need

At this point you know you need to start the paper but you can’t help yourself. You clean. Eat. Sleep. Do laundry. Exercise. Anything to avoid the paper.


One more thing

Just one more episode of your favorite show.



You finally accept that you must start your paper. You push away all of the distractions. Ignore the desire to runaway. You take accept your fate and begin the paper.

Supernatural 3

Oh crap

My favorite stage in writing the paper where I realize that I don’t have enough time to actually write my paper. You begin typing furiously, refusing to fail the assignment.



You are working as hard and fast as you can, but it doesn’t seem to be enough! You see the rubric and just break down because the report will never be over.



Once you cried out all your tears, you finally finished your first draft. Feeling slightly more confident, you begin to edit it.



Finally turning in the paper, a sense of calm washes over you. Your fate is no longer in your hands. It’s your professors hands now. You leave the room slightly numb but accepting that it is no longer your problem

Good bye

The promise.

At long last, you promise never to do this to yourself again. You make a New Years resolution to do all papers ahead of time. Never again, you promise yourself.


I hope you enjoyed reading this. Let me know your cycle of writing papers!


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