Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month

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by Jessica Doering, Publishing and Marketing Director for Gabriella Wise

“Gabriella Wise’s work is entrancing. With a writing style reminiscent of Suzanne Collins in its simplicity, she weaves an adventure that will capture your imagination and creates characters to love and remember.” –Kimmy L. Davis, author of Sacrificial Fortunes Paranormal Romance Series

The Center for Women and Families logo
Click on the photo to learn more about what The Center for Women and Families is doing to help men and women in Louisville who are the victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Louisville, KY, April 3, 2015— Local indie author Gabriella Wise self-published her debut novel, “What Little Remains,” on March 18, 2015. Now, she hopes to use her book sales in the month of April to make a difference in the local community through a partnership with The Center for Women and Families. Wise believes that the empowerment of men and women who have been the victims of sexual assault and domestic violence is important, and that education is necessary to help bring awareness to the community about these serious crimes. In honor of Sexual Assault Awareness month, Wise will donate 100% of the profits from her book sales during the month of April to The Center.

Cover for What Little Remains
Click the photo to go to to purchase the book and $1 of your purchase will go to The Center for Women and Families.

Set in post-apocalyptic Virginia, young adult book “What Little Remains” follows protagonist Charlie as she rebuilds her life following a series of natural disasters that wipe out the majority of the world’s population. After losing her family, Charlie is pushed into a depression. The only other survivor from her hometown, Ricky McQueen, takes her to Fort Lee, an old military base. After finding shelter and regrouping, Ricky eventually charms his way into the main leadership role at Fort Lee. He fiercely protects Charlie and the other survivors from other men who murder people to steal their supplies. At Fort Lee, Charlie meets Nicole, an independent girl with a hidden past who befriends Charlie and starts to bring Charlie out of the fog in which she was living. As Charlie begins to see her world more clearly, her eyes are opened to see that her life is not all that it seemed.

“What Little Remains” deals with the topics of sexual assault and domestic violence in a way that is empowering to survivors, but also shows the real emotions that victims go through during the healing process. Wise handles this delicate topic in a realistic and sensitive way.

The book was self-published through Amazon Direct Publishing and is available for purchase on as an ebook. The first five chapters are available for free on her website,


If you or a loved one has suffered partner abuse or sexual assault, call this 24/7 crisis hotline: 1-844-BE-SAFE-1

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