National Poetry Month!

So April is National Poetry Month! And we are going to celebrate.

Why celebrate?

For some reason, people seem to have the idea that poetry is only for the elite few. That you have to have a PhD in order to understand all poetry. That isn’t true! Poetry is, in my opinion, is the most basic level of writing. Poetry is simply a novel, idea, or expression boiled down into its basic content.

Poetry can be used to express emotions, a life story, or make or political statement.

So throughout the month of April, I am going to be putting out my favorite poems and hopefully be introducing you to a new form of writing that you will be able to appreciate.

So today, I am going to share with you some of my favorite spoken word poems.

My Favorite Spoken Word Poems

So this first poem is called “Somewhere in America”. The young women who created and are performing this poem are incredible and have some other poems online.

This next poem is “21”.

And on a lighter note, as a daughter I personally love this poem.

If you enjoyed these poems, I will be posting more later this month! Let me know what you think of these poems! Please comment below!


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